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I believe that many of us who live in Lyonshall came here, or enjoy the village and its surrounding countryside, because of its beauty and the trees and flowers, bats, birds and butterflies, slow-worms and earthworms it supports. I am not a naturalist and don’t make any claim to scientific knowledge of the flora and fauna surrounding me – but I do know that they add greatly to my quality of life and that, without them, life in Lyonshall would be dreary.

So what have we got in this little Marcher patch? I thought it might be useful to keep a Diary throughout 2017 of what we have seen or heard anywhere within the parish, whether rare or commonplace, a source of joy or a cause for concern. Please will you contribute to it – not with money but with sightings, comments, ideas etc? Not every day (Please – NOT EVERY DAY!) but just with a brief e-mail to me whenever something in the natural history of Lyonshall has sparked your interest. I will collate the information and hope to send a monthly bulletin to all contributors; the final form of this “Country Diary” will be decided much later in the year, when we have a few months’ experience to go on.

My aim is to make this interesting for most people in the parish, more of a free magazine than a dull dry list for specialists. All suggestions and opinions are welcome. So, especially, are digital photographs.

Julia C Evans The Old Station, Lyonshall, Herefordshire. HR5 3LL

Email: jcvqa@btinternet.com

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Water Vole - "Ratty" and 3-pin Stickleback -- both found in the Upper Fishpool)

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