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Evidence & Consultation Documents

Evidence base is the term given to all the documents and information used to underpin the development of a Neighbourhood Plan and its policies or the proposals in a Neighbourhood Development Order. Neighbourhood Planners need to ensure that proportionate, robust evidence supports the choices made and the approach taken. The evidence is drawn upon to explain the intention and rationale of the policies in a Neighbourhood Plan.

The document table shown here holds local evidence used in creating Lyonshall Neighbourhood Development Plan. This includes documentation recording consultation with residents, where the steering group have given parishioners the opportunity to view, comment and discuss the emerging plan at different stages. It also records other relevant documentation from community groups, services and businesses collected during the Neighbourhood Planning Process.


Lyonshall Issues and Options Consultation

The Steering group with help and support from consultants Kirkwells prepared an issues and options presentation in Lyonshall Memorial Hall in July 2017. 

The Steering group worked very hard to arrange a whole parish survey to guage feeling for development for the period 2011-2031. Lyonshall and Holme Marsh are included in the Hereford Core Strategy as areas for deveolpment expecting housing growth of 12% for the period as a minimum.

Here you can view the first questionaire and the results  -  These results helped produce a second, more targeted questionnaire and results which then both provide part of the evidence base for the creation of the issues and options document. 

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