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Lyonshall Parish Council elections May 2nd

Lyonshall Parish Council Elections

This year parish council elections will be held on May 2nd

All Parish Councillors stand down and a new council are elected.

Some Parish Councillors may wish to stand again for the four year term, but they like other interested parishioners will need to complete a nomination form which can be requested from Herefordshire elections department on 01432 260107 or email elections@herefordshire.gov.uk. This must be returned to the elections team by hand no later than 4pm on Wednesday April 3rd.

Lyonshall Parish Council is made up of 10 voluntary members who strive to make Lyonshall a better place to live, local people committed to their community.

The Parish Council meet around 11 times a year in Lyonshall Memorial Parish Hall, an open Parish meeting is held once a year where reports of the years activities are received. The Annual Parish Council meeting is held annually in May.

The Parish Council are consulted upon for a wide range of matters from planning applications to roads and the environment. It is funded through the parish precept (Currently £20,000), part of the council tax and it can also raise funds through events and grant applications.

Lyonshall is an active council supporting the parish offering voluntary opportunities to join in with litter picks, pop up pub social events and footpath maintenance walks.

Who can stand?

To be eligible to stand for election you must be over 18 years of age and a citizen of the European Union and satisfy one of the following criteria.

  • Be on the electoral role in the parish.
  • In the last 12 months occupy as owner or tenant land or property in the parish.
  • Principal place of work during the last 12 months in the parish.
  • Lived in last 12 months within 4.8km of the boundary of the parish.

Register to Vote

The closing date for receipt by Herefordshire Council for registration to add you name to the electoral register is Friday 12th April. Contact the electoral service department on 01432 260107

Who Can Vote?

To be eligible to vote you must be on the electoral register for the parish. You can check with the parish clerk Rebecca Bissell 01544340747 or lyonshllparishclerk@gmail.com or the electoral service department at Herefordshire Council.

If you are interested in standing on the Parish Council you could attend the next parish Council meeting on Thursday 14th March to see what is involved in being a Parish Councillor.

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